Pick a Person not Party

In my opinion,

Americans have become so engrossed in political party affiliation, they have lost the concept of truly picking representation that is best for them and/or their country by means of rubber-stamping votes for the party they once thought was, now stands for many different things. Times have changed and party values are much different than just a few years ago. I am merely trying to change the way people look at political affiliations and help them pick a leader based upon what is best for our country and children. I am doing this because many of my own friends and families think they truly understand and side with one party over another, when in fact they are siding with a party that is completely the opposite, simply for namesake. I am as guilty of this as anyone else.

Let me start with an example of my wife (Maybe this is not a good idea). My wife claims that she is a Democrat, a liberal. That she cares about the environment and the general welfare of the people, and that the government should be obliged to care for the sickest and most helpless. She believes that Republicans, for the most part, do not care about this. That they are mostly rich, greedy folks, who want to keep all of the money for themselves, screwing the homeless.

How can one argue this? That is her opinion.

I tell her that I am Libertarian, I side with more Republican - conservative values. However, I do have many liberal values. I prefer less governemnt, more focus on the people helping each other. I tell her to look at our social welfare programs being managed by the government, social security, general welfare programs, our local city public education system failures.

Take for example George W. Bush. He claims affilition to the Republicans. Is he fiscally conservative, or has he promoted less goverment? Not hardly.

My point is this, I care about everything she does - Public schools, the homeless, the hungry, our parents ability to retire. But I have one major disagreement, our government sucks at handling this and always will. I do not think our goverment should have the ability to take my money and apply it as they see fit. I believe I would be better off if I could spend my money on the programs and with the organizations I see as the most beneficial for our local city and communities.

I encourage everyone that is going to vote to look at all of the condidates and their respective platforms. To make their choice on a person, not the party.

As it has become quite obvious, you shouldn't pick a party - you should pick a person. Let the party follow.