New Hampshire Primaries began to take place starting at midnight EST, Jan. 8, 2008.

The first ballots were counted in a little town in Northern New Hampshire late last night, with 17 votes cast - McCain took the lead on the Republican side, and Obama on the Democrats side.

Follow the primary action in New Hampshire HERE

How is the President really elected?

We elect the members of the senate and house of representatives, whom, in turn cast their vote for President. Find out more on the electoral college here.

So, it is true the popular vote for President on election does not matter, however, your vote for the members of Congress does and also through the nomination of parties' candidates to the general election. Hopefully, the members you vote for have the same candidate in mind.

Find out more here, too.

New Hampshire Polls

One day before the New Hampshire Primary, the polls are in. Find them HERE.