Bush calls for the Fed to print more money and deflate the value of ours in the name of hunger

President Bush, the great and almighty, has called upon congress in the name of world hunger (everyone in the world besides the US), an admirable act for certain. Let's take a minute to figure out how this conservative President will pay for this 770 million dollar request.

If approved, the funds will come from one of the following - you decide:

A. American taxpayers through direct income/property tax.
B. Print additional money, increase the money supply, decrease the value of every dollar in existence.
C. Pull it out of Haliburton and provide a generous donation.

My guess is B. We won't even get into the fact that the US has around 12-15% of the population in poverty and starving to death at any point in time.

When will we (president and congress) quit fucking doing this stupid ass shit? This is equivalent to letting your family starve to death in order to feed a neighbor, I will never understand this stupid fucking logic BUSH.

Clinton closes Gap on Obama, he wants out

I didn't get a good chance to thoroughly read this article from ABC news, however I'm pretty damn certain what they are talking about; Hillary Clinton has a couple of huge gaps, her mouth and her coot. It is widely known that clinton has tried closing gaps on Obama before, but he usually makes out alright. Except this time, Michelle has been so tired and worn out lately with all of her participation in helping Obama - she didn't mind if Clinton closed her gap on her husband this time for a little while. Michelle was quoted as saying - "You know, sometimes I get worn out too, I thought what the hell - let Clinton close the gap on him this time - its really not a big deal." I truly admire Clinton's ability to put her gap around Obama when she tries hard enough. Obama was just happy to get him some.

Obama panders to the white man, avoids "da hood"

In Obama's quest for the Presidential nomination, he has been avoiding "da hood" per this UPI article. The fact is, the hood scares Obama too, "you know that shit is dangerous dog," he was quoted as saying. "Plus, my fellow honkies stay away from there too, if I were caught in the hood - them there honkies may not vote for my ass," he explained. Obama has an excellent point though, there aren't possibly enough secret service agents to protect from the dangers of black neighborhoods.