Pundits declare it's over, the fight continues

Well, it's over my friends, wait hold on - that sounds too much like McCain. On the other hand, Mrs. Clinton is dumping 6.4 million of her personal money into her campaign, signaling otherwise. As much as I wish it were over people, this shit will drag out until June at the earliest.

McCain to nominate federal judges with "a proven record of excellence in the law, and a proven commitment to judicial restraint."

The LA Times is reporting the old war hero and Republican presidential elect, McCain, will seek to fill federal judge positions with candidates committed to judicial restraint. However, there was no mention on what his plans are regarding limiting the ever expanding executive powers, namely the apparent ability of a President to go to war or perpetuate war without proper approval from Congress. McCain was extremely adamant in finding federal judges that would protect the constitution, even though there is no indication he would do the same. McCain wants to make sure that the judges are only making rulings on those things that the courts should be deciding on. However good his intentions sound, I think McCain would better serve this country by speaking about how he will return the executive branch to the limited powers it once held, rather than bamboozling us with inconsequential bullshit.