McCain, Republicans pissed Obama is privately funding his campaign for President

I'm losing my fucking mind here people, the "conservative" candidate is bashing the liberal candidate for NOT using public financing? Hold on a minute McCain and company, you WILL be using the public financing for your campaign run, but the liberal candidate won't be? The McCain camp must be pretty damn terrified of this liberal to be shouting afoul when the liberal renegs on his promise to use public financing to instead stay private. Who in the hell is conservative here; the man advocating a trillion dollar perpetual war and a MUST ACCEPT public financing or you are not trustworthy guy, or the other guy who has seen he needs no public financing so he would rather not use public funds guy? This folks, is why there is no way in hell I could ever vote for McCain, or another goddam so called conservative. I will vote for Obama out of spite for McCain and his stupidity. Check out the Fox News story here.

Pictures of the United States President Barack Obama as a baby, child, teen and growing up with family

Below are numerous pictures of a young Barack Obama.

The Chicago Tribune has several photos of Barack as a young buck, check them out here.

McCain thinks Putin is the President of Germany

I wish this could be labeled satire, too bad McCain. Germany's Chancellor is Angela Merkel and the President is Horst Kohler. In Fact, Putin was the former President of a different goddam country, The Russian Federation, some 3000 plus miles away. It's no wonder the world thinks the US is a bunch of fucking retards, especially when the Republican party nominated him to run for President on his foreign policy expertise. What a fucking joke, this makes me sick.