George Bush and the US celebrate Israeli Independence, spit in the face of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians

For every up there is a down and for every high there is a low - and so it goes. This week we have the Israeli celebration of their independence and reclamation of their Holy land, with many Palestinians still crying from their displacement and ethnic "cleansing". This truly is a conflict that will never be resolved, and the US should be remembered for its part in the continuation of this drama and its part in the Nakba. Reuters has an an excellent "Factbox" timeline of the events leading up to Israel's declaration of Independence and national sovereignty in 1948.

Now, I am not an Arab apologist, a Jewish supporter, or an American hater. In fact, I could give a shit less who's land the current state of Israel originally belonged to. No matter what, wars have been going on over that land for thousands of years. The point of this opinion piece is to show you how ludicrous the US' foreign policy really is. The bottom line is, the US decided to go stick their stupid fucking noses in other people's business; We chose sides because of our countries predominant Christian religion. However, we needed not choose sides, rather mind our own.

Now, after helping prop up the current state of Israel, and displace hundreds of thousands of Palestinians so that we could build barriers to protect the Jewish "holyland," we celebrate Israel's independence and piss on the Palestinians.

There will never be a resolution in the Mideast until one side is completely destroyed, Muslim or Christian. However, the US, in its slightly over 200 years existence thinks' it has come to the rescue of the persecuted Jew. This is the equivalent of a child breaking up a fight between two pit bulls by putting a chicken wire fence between them, and then declaring hooray, hooray. As soon as they get a chance, they will blow each other to pieces.

The problem is, the vast majority of US citizens have no clue what we do outside of this country. Sure, we did help one group of people, however, it was at the expense of another group. Celebrating that fact in spite of everyone else it affected is ignorant at minimum, and reckless for sure (GWB and Co.). We did what we did and chose to defend a side, still there is no need of continual provocation of the ill affected group.

Now, ask yourself why does just about every other country think the US are a bunch of fucking idiots, well it's because of this trpe of shit. Don't get me wrong, I love this country and most everything it stands for, however I don't agree with pushing our agenda on other countries or religions with regards to our foreign policy.