Obama back on top

"(CBS) In a sign that John McCain's convention bounce has dissipated, Barack Obama has taken a 48 percent to 43 percent lead over his Republican rival among registered voters in the latest CBS News/New York Times poll.

McCain had a two percentage point lead among registered voters in a CBS News poll released on September 8th, just after the Republican National Convention. Prior to the party conventions, Obama led McCain by 3 points." More here.

New video of McCain's release debunks old rumors about how his face became disfigured in vietnam

There have been many rumors on McCain's left cheek (or the right side of his face when looking at him). But recent pictures may confirm a second story, McCain's disfiguration is a result of melanoma, or from swelling due to an absence of soft tissue on his face.

Here are some that have been floating around:

"He was disfigured in Vietnam. His plane crashed and caught on fire on the flight deck." Found that HERE. This rumor probably came from the injuries he received in vietnam in the 1967 USS Forrestal Fire. This seems patently false after seeing the picture of his release from Vietnam as shown today.

"According to Dr. Michael Hinni, senator McCain has a swelling of his left jaw due to "absence of soft tissue on the face in front of his ear (left)." Whether the swelling is related to past medical history of melanoma is unclear.
John McCain was diagnosed with melanoma (malignant skin cancer) on his cheek 5 years ago which he says has left his cheek puffy looking." I found this HERE. This now seems like the most likely.

Here is what his face looks like now:

Lost McCain footage of release from vietnam found

Find the video here

Sarah Palin interviews to be aired in prime time special on ABC Friday Night

"Gibson is having three separate interviews with Palin, ABC said. Parts of the interviews will be spread around other ABC news programs, including "Nightline" and "Good Morning America."

The prime-time special, at 10 p.m. EDT, will also include a bio of Palin by ABC's Kate Snow and a round-table discussion on the presidential race moderated by George Stephanopoulos."

More about the above article found HERE.

McCain pulling away in the race for Independent votes

After the Republican convention, McCain is experiencing a post convention bounce of +6%. Check out more information about this HERE

The 2008 Vice Presidential Candidates have been selected

For information on the Republican or GOP Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin (not spelled Sara Palan) please click HERE.

For information on the Democratic or (democrat, liberal) Vice Presidential candidate Joe Biden please click HERE.

Please vote in my Mock Presidential general election

Over in the left sidebar at the top, you will see I added a mock election on September the 4th, 2008 (after McCain accepted the Republican nomination). With 60 days to go, I'm hoping to get a decent sample of how the US will vote (granted people from other countries can vote too). Taking the early lead is Barack Obama, we'll see if that holds true in the short run.

Vice Presidential Candidate Gov. Sarah Palin (not Palan) (AK) at the RNC

Palin's newfound celebrity status brings out profiteers

Over in Anchorage's biggest summer bash, pro-palin gear is flying off the racks.

"Local and Internet-based businesses are cranking out Sarah Palin products -- from "Palin Power" maternity T-shirts to "Wonder Palin" thong underwear. "

One Anchorage entrepreneur, Jim Dooley, printed about 700 John McCain/Palin shirts this weekend, delivering the first batch to the Alaska State Fair by 4 p.m. Friday.

They sold out every day.

Dooley declined to say how much money he made on the pro-Palin shirts during Alaska's biggest summer bash.

But it was enough to "pay for my turkey legs and pork-chop on a stick," he said.

Alaska Serigraphics, an Anchorage company, said it will produce pro-Palin T-shirts that will be offered for sale at downtown gift shops, possibly as soon as Friday.

"Our mama beats your Obama," reads one of the company's T-shirt designs.

The company is also producing pro-Obama T-shirts, noted John Williams, the production manager.

The buzz over Palin's selection as McCain's running mate on Friday has other local businesses and Palin advocates seeing potential dollar signs.

Trish Houser, the creator of Palintology, an Anchorage-based pro-Palin Web site, has run the site as a personal hobby for two years. She's considering putting ads on it to generate income for the first time.

"Oh my gosh, are you kidding me?," she said Tuesday.

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