Ron Paul not out of the race, still looking for more book sales

Ron Paul at one time was a long shot for the Republican Presidential nomination, now he is just an asshole. I too contributed money to his campaign, and so feel I should have the right to speak my mind about his campaign now as we look back. I recall the laughter from superiors at a cocktail party when I spoke in such high regards for the honorable Doctor, however, I never thought he would stoop this goddam low. Alright, maybe I am being a bit harsh, and all he is doing is promoting his message of freedom, or continual fucking with the establishment. Whatever the case may be, it seems like Ron, a true paleo-conservative, knows not how to spend the rest of the loot he raised from his generous donors who funded his glorious run. He can't take it with him, so why not spend it on advertising his new book "The Revolution: A Manifesto" which hit stores on April 30. After all, Jesse Benton, Paul's campaign manager says even though the media says so - Paul's campaign for the presidency never ended. Well, your goddam right Jesse - as long as he has that book to sell (currently number 4 on the best amazon selling list). Ok, ok - my continued patronizing of the good doctor and his campaign has gone too far, his message is what is important, it is - it is. Well, I sure am glad Paul saved his loot for the end, so he can go out with a bang, asshole.

The presidential candidates on healthcare


John McCain
Opposes federally mandated universal coverage. Would increase awareness and promote the use of existing children's health insurance programs while expanding community health centers. Supports health care tax dividends for low-income Americans, medical malpractice reform, improving electronic record-keeping, expanding health savings accounts, and encouraging small businesses to band together to negotiate lower rates with health care providers.

Ron Paul
Supports market-based reforms encouraging greater private sector competition and personal choice.

OUT OF THE RACE: Sam Brownback | Jim Gilmore | Rudy Giuliani | Mike Huckabee | Duncan Hunter | Mitt Romney | Tom Tancredo | Fred Thompson | Tommy Thompson


Hillary Clinton
Mandates individual health insurance coverage for all Americans. Offers federal subsidies for those who cannot afford it. Allows individuals to choose from among several private plans also offered to members of Congress, as well as a new public insurance plan modeled after Medicare. Requires insurance companies to offer coverage to anyone who applies, and bars insurance companies from charging higher premiums to those with pre-existing conditions. Requires large businesses to provide or help pay for employee coverage. Expands Medicaid and federal children's health care programs. Offers tax credits to limit health care premiums to a certain percentage a family's income. Cost estimated at $110 billion annually, to be paid for by eliminating the Bush tax cuts for those earning over $250,000, as well as by reducing waste and inefficiencies in the current system. Also limits the amount employers can exclude from taxes for health care benefits for those making over $250,000.

Barack Obama

Would create a national health insurance program for individuals who do not have employer-provided health care and who do not qualify for other existing federal programs. Allows individuals to choose between the new public insurance program or from among private insurance plans that meet certain coverage standards. Requires employers who do not provide health coverage for employees to pay into the national health insurance program. Does not mandate individual coverage for all Americans, but requires coverage for all children. Allows individuals below age 25 to be covered through their parents' plans. Cost estimated between $50 billion and $65 billion, to be paid for by eliminating Bush tax cuts for those earning over $250,000.

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North Carolina and Indiana Democratic primaries are meaningless

Unlike CNN is telling you, these primaries will mean as much as Ron Paul's bid for the Presidency, nothing. Both candidates, Barack and Hillary have already stated they would continue to campaign though June. That's not to say that the votes don't matter, just the fact we will still have no clear winner for a long while.