Obama rubs Clinton's ass, tells her to shake that thing on outta here

In this article over at ABC "The Note: Whispered Shouts," it becomes apparent that Obama is stepping up his game. Obama has pushed passed the petty attacks and has gotten much closer to Mrs. Clinton, now that it has come down to more or less a choice by the DNC superdelegates. In fact, Obama has taken it upon himself to get real close to Mrs. Clinton, see below.

McCain contemplating running mates, how to get rid of that pesky Ron Paul

Republican presidential nominee John McCain appeared on the Daily show last night and was discussing his possible running mate options and a ton of other bullshit. While the discussion was nonsense (McCain was thinking of picking his VP and runningmate from one of the cast of "The Office," and or some dude Dwight Schrute, which was another terrible joke), it makes you really wonder - who will the old man choose. Well, we can certainly rule out Ron Paul from his choices. So, who would he choose? My guess is Romney or Huckabee, someone who could help pickup a chunk of the voters he couldn't.