After moving family from Connectitcut to work in Iowa, Dodd drops out of race

CNN announced Chris Dodd has dropped out after receiving 1% of the Iowa caucus vote.

Iowa caucus nearly complete, Obama and Huckabee declared winners by CNN

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This is very interesting to see Obama win a state that is almost 94% white, and only 2% black. This must say something for Obama and his message.

From CNN:

Past Highlights

2000: Al Gore scores decisive caucus victory over Bill Bradley
1992: "Favorite son" Tom Harkin gets 76 percent of the vote
1976: Jimmy Carter seen as winner despite placing 2nd behind "Uncommitted"

2000: George W. Bush records highest percentage ever in contested GOP caucus
1996: Pat Buchanan gains major momentum from second-place finish
1980: George Bush's small win exceeds expectations and is seen as major upset

State by state voter registration guide.

Here it is.


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In light of Fox's possible exclusion of Ron Paul, NH GOP fights back

Due to Fox's previous ruling that all candidate's whom will be participating in this weekends GOP debate must be polling within the state with at least %10 of the vote, Ron Paul will be excluded. The fact is though, Ron Paul has likely outraised avery GOP member for the 4th quarter, and rivaled that of the front runners in the Democratic Party. The NH GOP is fighting back though, because the first of the nations' primary state New Hampshire should include all serious candidates to level the playing field, they say that the likes of Ron Paul should be included.

Read the story HERE from the Baltimore Sun.


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2008 Presidential Primary, Caucus Dates

Here is a slick calender - that details state by state primaries and caucuses

Find a handy PDF here

Here is Iowa caucus results


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