Who is right regarding Iran and US military power, McCain or Obama, or neither?

The same old lines and supposed threats are being tossed around by the McCain fear camp. According to McCain, Obama's policy is reckless at best, dangerous at least. Iran wants to wipe Israel off the map, and Obama wants to talk to them.
So, let's examine this a bit closer; Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President of Iran, wants to wipe Israel off the map. McCain wants no contact or talks with Iran and Hamas and various other "terrorist" countries or groups. On the other hand, Obama wants to talk with them. Who is right? Well, McCain's statement at face value, seems much more logical - but is it really? Obama wants to talk with an insane leader of the Muslim world, he seems ape shit nuts - but is he really?

A brief background may provide value here my dear reader. The USA and Israel celebrated this past week the 60th anniversary of Israeli independence. All fine and dandy hey, 60 years of national soverignty. However, there is another side to the story - that of the Palestinians. Iran's leader does not want to eradicate or wipe Israel off the map in a literal sense, rather a figurative one. His point is the US and British prior militaries put up barriers on shared land and forcefully eradicated any non-Jewish group out of the land. Ahmadinejad wants to remove those barriers or wipe those barriers known as Israel away - so that the people who were originally displaced can have what was rightfully their's back. So, let me reiterate this, Iran wants to remove the barriers, to tear down the US and British built Ottoman empire state, not nuke the whole fucking place.

Now, is McCain ignoring what the US did back then? It sure seems that way to me. I do realize McCain was only 12 when Israel became a country, but he can't be that fucking naive. Now, if McCain were to say, Iran wants to tear down the Israeli borders, so that he can push Muslim values on the Jews, and it is our duty to protect them, I wouldn't have so much a problem - even though I would still disagree with McCain. I think Obama has balls to stand up against McCain, and try and break down the barriers that have resulted from our interjection into the Middle East over half a century ago. Now, what Obama will really be able to do to help the situation - I'm uncertain - and would probably argue there is little to nothing to do. My point is, McCain takes the Bully aproach and attempts to distort foreign powers as evil doers who want to blow everyone up, when that is most always not true, rather they simply want a piece of what was theirs to begin with. McCain, please stop fucking dumbing down our country to your level, you fucking asswipe. And for Obama, what the fuck do you think you are going to do to change an inevtiable outcome in the Middle East short of tearing down the borders that we helped build? Nothing, asshole - unless you propose differently.

Who do we select: McCain and Obama

McCain: I call myself convervative, I advocate a perpetual multi-trillion dollar war, I look like a chipmunk from defending this country.

Obama: I am liberal, I advocate ripping off the rich in the name of the poor, I want to be MLK.

What to do America? It doesn't matter anyway, its all too fucked up now.

George Bush and the US celebrate Israeli Independence, spit in the face of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians

For every up there is a down and for every high there is a low - and so it goes. This week we have the Israeli celebration of their independence and reclamation of their Holy land, with many Palestinians still crying from their displacement and ethnic "cleansing". This truly is a conflict that will never be resolved, and the US should be remembered for its part in the continuation of this drama and its part in the Nakba. Reuters has an an excellent "Factbox" timeline of the events leading up to Israel's declaration of Independence and national sovereignty in 1948.

Now, I am not an Arab apologist, a Jewish supporter, or an American hater. In fact, I could give a shit less who's land the current state of Israel originally belonged to. No matter what, wars have been going on over that land for thousands of years. The point of this opinion piece is to show you how ludicrous the US' foreign policy really is. The bottom line is, the US decided to go stick their stupid fucking noses in other people's business; We chose sides because of our countries predominant Christian religion. However, we needed not choose sides, rather mind our own.

Now, after helping prop up the current state of Israel, and displace hundreds of thousands of Palestinians so that we could build barriers to protect the Jewish "holyland," we celebrate Israel's independence and piss on the Palestinians.

There will never be a resolution in the Mideast until one side is completely destroyed, Muslim or Christian. However, the US, in its slightly over 200 years existence thinks' it has come to the rescue of the persecuted Jew. This is the equivalent of a child breaking up a fight between two pit bulls by putting a chicken wire fence between them, and then declaring hooray, hooray. As soon as they get a chance, they will blow each other to pieces.

The problem is, the vast majority of US citizens have no clue what we do outside of this country. Sure, we did help one group of people, however, it was at the expense of another group. Celebrating that fact in spite of everyone else it affected is ignorant at minimum, and reckless for sure (GWB and Co.). We did what we did and chose to defend a side, still there is no need of continual provocation of the ill affected group.

Now, ask yourself why does just about every other country think the US are a bunch of fucking idiots, well it's because of this trpe of shit. Don't get me wrong, I love this country and most everything it stands for, however I don't agree with pushing our agenda on other countries or religions with regards to our foreign policy.

Bob Barr enters the race on the Libertarian ticket, to challenge McCain and Paul

Well, Ron Paul took too long for the Libertarian party to wait, so enters former Republican Bob Barr into the presidential race. Watch out Ron Paul, you may actually lose some of your punch now and potential Manifesto book sales, seeing your followers and supporters still lack a candidate that will be nominated by a party. The fact is, Both Ron Paul and Bob Barr will negatively affect John McCain's bid in the general election. Even if they pull a measely 3-5% of the vote, the Libertarians or so-called paleo-conservatives with all of their individual responsibility jargon, could swing the popular vote - not that it makes a bit of a fucking difference. And for the record, Ron Paul, you are not a Republican anymore - the rest of your old team is dead, you are now dealing with a bunch of fucking retards that call themselves conservative, give it up - I thought you were gonna play the old bait and switch - but you are too goddam stupid.

Obama and his 57 states of the Union, well 58 if you are counting

Rumor has it, Obama made a speech in Oregon where he stated that he has visited 57 states, with one more to go. Taking a page out of McCain's book of Senile Moments, Obama shows he is human, and or stupid. Maybe this is why he has such a lead on Clinton, because of those extra state votes.

Top 10 VP candidates for Obama

They've been doing some thinking over at the Times Online, that's not to say it has resulted in anything meaningful. They've listed their expectations on VP nominations for Obama (when he is nominated). Here they are per this article:

1) Hillary Clinton

Many believe Obama will have to offer the VP slot to Clinton. Andrew Sullivan called it the hate-filled dream ticket. But will she accept it? If Obama loses, she may see a 2012 race opening up before her.

2) Al Gore

He's certainly got the experience. But the eco-warrior probably has no desire to return to Pennsylvania Avenue. Winning his endorsement would have set Obama up for the nomination. Does he need Gore any more?

3) John Edwards

A serious contender. The North Carolina Senator ran with John Kerry in 2004 and would bring the Southern link currently missing in Obama's campaign. But would he want to do it again? And would Obama feel Edwards should have been with him earlier?

4) Kathleen Sebelius

Sebelius's name has been cropping up more and more frequently. The two-term Governor of Kansas fills in many of the gaps in Obama's support base. She may not have much foreign policy experience but she'll bring a red state with her. And a female Vice-President might help soothe Clinton's supporters. One to watch.

5) Bill Richardson

Also extremely likely. Pundits state that he's been running for VP since the beginning. He brings foreign policy experience and the Hispanic vote with him.

6) Wesley Clark

A former four-star general, Wes Clark served in Kosovo and studied PPE at Oxford. He would lend Obama military clout and cross party-lines in his appeal.

7) Jim Webb

The junior Virginia senator since 2006. He could provide the machismo that Obama needs. A military man with a son in Iraq, he's regarded as one of the most authorative Democratic voices on the conflict. Known to carry a loaded pistol on occasion. As a former Reagan man he would add to Obama's cross party appeal and make it slightly harder to paint the candidate as an unrepentant liberal.

8) Robert Casey

The Pennsylvania senator has already endorsed Obama. As VP, he would help out in the white working-class states. And his Catholic faith would reach out to an important voting bloc.

9) Oprah Winfrey

She's already one of America's most powerful women. Could DC be next on her world-domination agenda? Just a thought.

10) Joe Biden

Might he be the first Biden in a thousand generations to run for President? A senator since 1972, his presidential runs have never taken off. But his international experience might make him a good choice and he'd appeal to the white male vote. His description of Obama as 'clean' didn't do him any favours though. And some think he is more likely to be Secretary of State.

My usless opinion:

I see no way in hell Obama would nominate the following people from that list and why; Clinton, Gore, Sebelius and Oprah are out of the question. There is no way he would want any bitch in office with him, he already has one at home.

Out of the remaining I would say it is most likely that he would select either Edwards or Richardson, and here's why: Edwards would help bring the blue collared white voter that has been so difficult for him, and the same could be true for Richardson with regards to the Hispanic vote.

It is too early to say quite yet, but I bet my analysis will hold true.

Edwards still not endorsing a candidate, to wait til McCain is elected President

John Edwards is taking it safe in his bid to make a back door entrance into the Executive branch. In fact, he has stated that he will now wait until McCain is elected President. Then, and only then, will he pursue the Democratic Nominee. Edwards was quoted as saying "McCain is a chipmunk, us Dems are Birds, we will fly away with his nuts."

Obama rubs Clinton's ass, tells her to shake that thing on outta here

In this article over at ABC "The Note: Whispered Shouts," it becomes apparent that Obama is stepping up his game. Obama has pushed passed the petty attacks and has gotten much closer to Mrs. Clinton, now that it has come down to more or less a choice by the DNC superdelegates. In fact, Obama has taken it upon himself to get real close to Mrs. Clinton, see below.

McCain contemplating running mates, how to get rid of that pesky Ron Paul

Republican presidential nominee John McCain appeared on the Daily show last night and was discussing his possible running mate options and a ton of other bullshit. While the discussion was nonsense (McCain was thinking of picking his VP and runningmate from one of the cast of "The Office," and or some dude Dwight Schrute, which was another terrible joke), it makes you really wonder - who will the old man choose. Well, we can certainly rule out Ron Paul from his choices. So, who would he choose? My guess is Romney or Huckabee, someone who could help pickup a chunk of the voters he couldn't.

Pundits declare it's over, the fight continues

Well, it's over my friends, wait hold on - that sounds too much like McCain. On the other hand, Mrs. Clinton is dumping 6.4 million of her personal money into her campaign, signaling otherwise. As much as I wish it were over people, this shit will drag out until June at the earliest.

McCain to nominate federal judges with "a proven record of excellence in the law, and a proven commitment to judicial restraint."

The LA Times is reporting the old war hero and Republican presidential elect, McCain, will seek to fill federal judge positions with candidates committed to judicial restraint. However, there was no mention on what his plans are regarding limiting the ever expanding executive powers, namely the apparent ability of a President to go to war or perpetuate war without proper approval from Congress. McCain was extremely adamant in finding federal judges that would protect the constitution, even though there is no indication he would do the same. McCain wants to make sure that the judges are only making rulings on those things that the courts should be deciding on. However good his intentions sound, I think McCain would better serve this country by speaking about how he will return the executive branch to the limited powers it once held, rather than bamboozling us with inconsequential bullshit.

Ron Paul not out of the race, still looking for more book sales

Ron Paul at one time was a long shot for the Republican Presidential nomination, now he is just an asshole. I too contributed money to his campaign, and so feel I should have the right to speak my mind about his campaign now as we look back. I recall the laughter from superiors at a cocktail party when I spoke in such high regards for the honorable Doctor, however, I never thought he would stoop this goddam low. Alright, maybe I am being a bit harsh, and all he is doing is promoting his message of freedom, or continual fucking with the establishment. Whatever the case may be, it seems like Ron, a true paleo-conservative, knows not how to spend the rest of the loot he raised from his generous donors who funded his glorious run. He can't take it with him, so why not spend it on advertising his new book "The Revolution: A Manifesto" which hit stores on April 30. After all, Jesse Benton, Paul's campaign manager says even though the media says so - Paul's campaign for the presidency never ended. Well, your goddam right Jesse - as long as he has that book to sell (currently number 4 on the best amazon selling list). Ok, ok - my continued patronizing of the good doctor and his campaign has gone too far, his message is what is important, it is - it is. Well, I sure am glad Paul saved his loot for the end, so he can go out with a bang, asshole.

The presidential candidates on healthcare


John McCain
Opposes federally mandated universal coverage. Would increase awareness and promote the use of existing children's health insurance programs while expanding community health centers. Supports health care tax dividends for low-income Americans, medical malpractice reform, improving electronic record-keeping, expanding health savings accounts, and encouraging small businesses to band together to negotiate lower rates with health care providers.

Ron Paul
Supports market-based reforms encouraging greater private sector competition and personal choice.

OUT OF THE RACE: Sam Brownback | Jim Gilmore | Rudy Giuliani | Mike Huckabee | Duncan Hunter | Mitt Romney | Tom Tancredo | Fred Thompson | Tommy Thompson


Hillary Clinton
Mandates individual health insurance coverage for all Americans. Offers federal subsidies for those who cannot afford it. Allows individuals to choose from among several private plans also offered to members of Congress, as well as a new public insurance plan modeled after Medicare. Requires insurance companies to offer coverage to anyone who applies, and bars insurance companies from charging higher premiums to those with pre-existing conditions. Requires large businesses to provide or help pay for employee coverage. Expands Medicaid and federal children's health care programs. Offers tax credits to limit health care premiums to a certain percentage a family's income. Cost estimated at $110 billion annually, to be paid for by eliminating the Bush tax cuts for those earning over $250,000, as well as by reducing waste and inefficiencies in the current system. Also limits the amount employers can exclude from taxes for health care benefits for those making over $250,000.

Barack Obama

Would create a national health insurance program for individuals who do not have employer-provided health care and who do not qualify for other existing federal programs. Allows individuals to choose between the new public insurance program or from among private insurance plans that meet certain coverage standards. Requires employers who do not provide health coverage for employees to pay into the national health insurance program. Does not mandate individual coverage for all Americans, but requires coverage for all children. Allows individuals below age 25 to be covered through their parents' plans. Cost estimated between $50 billion and $65 billion, to be paid for by eliminating Bush tax cuts for those earning over $250,000.

Find this information and more HERE

North Carolina and Indiana Democratic primaries are meaningless

Unlike CNN is telling you, these primaries will mean as much as Ron Paul's bid for the Presidency, nothing. Both candidates, Barack and Hillary have already stated they would continue to campaign though June. That's not to say that the votes don't matter, just the fact we will still have no clear winner for a long while.

Making English our offical language, a must do

This gal in Texas shows us the importance of getting on this national priority ASAP (photo courtesy of the SF Gate.) She seriously is giving this guy (a fellow cardinals fan) a run for his money.

Hell, why not vie for making American our offical culture while your at it wench.

Bush calls for the Fed to print more money and deflate the value of ours in the name of hunger

President Bush, the great and almighty, has called upon congress in the name of world hunger (everyone in the world besides the US), an admirable act for certain. Let's take a minute to figure out how this conservative President will pay for this 770 million dollar request.

If approved, the funds will come from one of the following - you decide:

A. American taxpayers through direct income/property tax.
B. Print additional money, increase the money supply, decrease the value of every dollar in existence.
C. Pull it out of Haliburton and provide a generous donation.

My guess is B. We won't even get into the fact that the US has around 12-15% of the population in poverty and starving to death at any point in time.

When will we (president and congress) quit fucking doing this stupid ass shit? This is equivalent to letting your family starve to death in order to feed a neighbor, I will never understand this stupid fucking logic BUSH.

Clinton closes Gap on Obama, he wants out

I didn't get a good chance to thoroughly read this article from ABC news, however I'm pretty damn certain what they are talking about; Hillary Clinton has a couple of huge gaps, her mouth and her coot. It is widely known that clinton has tried closing gaps on Obama before, but he usually makes out alright. Except this time, Michelle has been so tired and worn out lately with all of her participation in helping Obama - she didn't mind if Clinton closed her gap on her husband this time for a little while. Michelle was quoted as saying - "You know, sometimes I get worn out too, I thought what the hell - let Clinton close the gap on him this time - its really not a big deal." I truly admire Clinton's ability to put her gap around Obama when she tries hard enough. Obama was just happy to get him some.

Obama panders to the white man, avoids "da hood"

In Obama's quest for the Presidential nomination, he has been avoiding "da hood" per this UPI article. The fact is, the hood scares Obama too, "you know that shit is dangerous dog," he was quoted as saying. "Plus, my fellow honkies stay away from there too, if I were caught in the hood - them there honkies may not vote for my ass," he explained. Obama has an excellent point though, there aren't possibly enough secret service agents to protect from the dangers of black neighborhoods.

Why is gas so goddam expensive, screw them Arabs.

I have grown accustomed to these ramblings of ignorant friends and co-workers of mine. Common fucking sense tells you if our federal government is spending trillions on a war that has now lasted (Iraq/Afghanistan) for more than 6 years, someone has to pay for it. Well, if our federal government is orchestrating this - who do you think funds it? I'll tell you who, the goddam idiotic American people through the devaluation of our American dollar. What? This doesn't make sense to you? Let me make it easier for you. The Saudi Arabians base the cost of what they sell us (oil) in American dollars, if the Dollar is unstable internationally as a result of uncontrollable deficit spending and national debt, our dollar will buy less everywhere else around the world. They charge more to offset the lower dollar.

Here, let me make this even easier to understand for all you stupid fucktards out there; Let's step back in to time - where people used to trade shit to one other. A guy named Fred trades milk from his cows to his neighbor Bob for his wheat, and Bob also trades with his neighbor Miles for Miles' corn. Fred's cows are all healthy, Bob's wheat is wonderful, and Miles' corn is delicous. Bob had a great idea, since one gallon of milk is equal to one bale of wheat and one ear of a corn - instead of having to trade physical products everytime they wanted something of the neighbors, he can just make a rare stamped item that would do the same thing, so when he needed more milk from Fred (but Fred needed no additional wheat) he could give him a coin as an I owe you. Now, they go on for a long while getting along just fine, until one miserable day. Bob and Miles' get into a bickering match over who's wife is better looking - then it gets mean and punches are thrown. Bob calls for reinforcements from friends around the neighborhood. Bob tells his friends he can give them his coins to use to buy products if they help him. His friends agree to help. Before long, Bob runs out of coins to pay his friends to help protect him and his property, so he go's back and makes a bunch more IOU's. Bob rounds up his pals and pays them more. The cycle continues until Fred and Miles realize that there is almost no way Bob's IOU's will ever be payed back in return. So, they decide to charge more and more because the IOU's are worth less and less in their eyes. Well, Fred and Miles are like Saudia Arabia and other foreign oil producing countries, they see our dollar as worthless because all we've done to pay for the fighting is print more dollars, thus devaluing everyone in existence. All they are doing is trying to get back out what is owed to them, while we (Bob/ our federal government) have become trapped in a viscous cycle of debt and an inability to repay.

Obama grew up less priviledged than rival, you must vote for him

Reuters just published a story about Obamas tough life growing up. I will say this, even though I am a registered Republican - Obama will most likely get my vote. But, on the other hand, I don't give a fuck what kind of life Obama had growing up as a kid when related to his opponents. Bottom line, my parents didn't have money either - and I still managed to go to school and get my education. Keep your stupid fucking sap story for Michelle, Obama - it will work better in the bedroom than with voters. Are you saying because some stupid fucking white women grew up in an affluent suburban metropolis - that you are less likely to overcome a challenge from her? Or compare yourself to McCain, one ugly assed dude with a messed up war face. Half the people in this country have no clue why that old crazy bastard has a chipmunk face - they just know he is an ugly bastard. My point here is, what hurts you more Obama - looks or how you grew up. There is no difference, you are all here now - personally I could give a shit less how you got here.