Ron Paul Support or Spam?

After one day of polling, the results overwhelmingly favor Ron Paul. That brings up the point that many people on the internet seem to think there is a spam attempt to push Ron Paul to the front.

  1. Could the interwebs actually be slanted towards Ron Paul because of the age of the average web pollster, could this possibly not be spam?
  2. Could this be related to the fact that the only ones taking these polls are supporters for Ron Paul?
  3. Could it be the fact that supporters for "The favorite candidates off the web" just don't care to poll right now?

My point is this, it may be wise to actually think of possible reasons Ron Paul is getting all this internet support, instead of dismissing it all as spam. My views may be slanted as I do like Ron Paul as well, however, I will attempt to show no bias on this site, other than posting something additinoal about Ron Paul - in posting this blurp - that I haven't for the other candidates.

The point of this site is to encourage everyone to look at every option, and make the best, most informed choice you may on whatever candidate appeases your desires.