Third Party and Independent Presidential Candidates 2008

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Chuck Baldwin (Florida) - Baptist pastor, radio talk show host, conservative activist, and 2004 VP nominee.Jim Gilchrist (California) - Minuteman Project founder, retired accountant and '05 congressional nominee.Don Grundman (California) - Chiropractor, anti-tax activist & frequent candidate.Alan Keyes (Maryland) - Former US Ambassador, conservative activist, and frequent candidate.Bryan Malatesta (Texas) - State party chair, accountant and anti-tax activist.Diane Beall Templin (California) - Attorney, anti-gay activist and frequent candidate.

Jared Ball (DC) - College Professor and freelance journalist.Elaine Brown (Georgia) - Ex-Black Panther Party Chair, nonprofit group executive and author.Mike "Jingo" Jingozian (Oregon) - Software company founder & '00 city council candidate.Jesse Johnson (West Virginia) - Actor, filmmaker & '04 Governor Candidate.Paul Kangas (California) - Private investigator, '83 Congressional candidate & '86 US Senate candidate.Jerry Kann (New York) - Proofreader, editor & frequent candidate.Former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney (D-Georgia) - Ex-US Congresswoman (1993-2003 & '05-07), ex-State Rep. and Democrat.Kent Mesplay (California) - Biomedical engineer, '06 US Senate candidate and '04 Presidential candidate.Ralph Nader (Independent-Connecticut) - Consumer advocate, attorney and frequent Presidential candidate.Gail Parker (Virginia) - Businesswoman, USAF veteran, and 2006 US Senate candidate.Rebecca Rotzler (New York) - New Paltz Deputy Mayor, former party National Co-Chair, businesswoman, and community activist."Average Joe" Schriner (Independent-Ohio) - Substance abuse counselor, freelance journalist and '00/'04 CandidateKat Swift (Texas) - State Party Co-Chair, progressive activist & newspaper credit manager.

Jim Burns (Nevada) - Ex-State LP Chair & frequent candidate. Dave Hollist (California) - Bus driver and frequent LP Presidential hopeful.Dan Imperato (Florida) - Businessman.Bob Jackson (Michigan) - Businessman, former Congressional candidate & ex-Republican.Mike "Jingo" Jingozian (Oregon) - Software company founder & '00 city council candidate.Steve Kubby (California) - Businessman, '98 Governor nominee & marijuana legalization activist.Alden Link (New York) - Manufacturing executive & Army veteran.Robert Milnes (New Jersey) - Progressive activist.George Phillies (Massachusetts) - College professor, writer, LP "Reform" activist & '96 US Senate nominee.Wayne Allyn Root (R-Nevada) - Sports handicapper, author & TV show host.Christine Smith (Colorado) - Progressive activist & writer. Ed Thompson (Wisconsin) - Tomah City Councilman, Bar Owner, Navy Veteran & '02 Governor nominee.

Gene Amondson (Washington) - 2004 Nominee, Temperance lecturer, minister and artist.Earl Dodge (Colorado) - Ex-Party National Chairman, frequent Presidential candidate and businessman.

Stewart Alexander (California) - Community activist, car salesman, '06 Lt. Governor candidate & '89 L.A. Mayor Candidate.Bruce Burleson (Massachusetts) - Social services worker and ex-Communist.Eric Chester (Massachusetts) - College Professor, Socialist activist, author and frequent candidate. David Frey (?)Evan Gelobter (Louisiana) - Fire Fighter.Stanley Hetz (Pennsylvania) - '06 US Senate nominee & '07 School Board candidate.Linda McKinney (Oregon) Brian Moore (Florida) - Executive recruiter, community activist, ex-Democrat and frequent candidate.Dusten Retcher (South Carolina) Dwight Welch (Illinois) - College professor, minister and radio talk show host.

No Candidates Identified To Date
No Candidates Identified To Date
No Candidates Identified To Date

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg (Independent-New York)Former US Senator Sam Nunn (D-Georgia)
Independent Candidate Not Yet Named (Unity08)
Stephen P. "Steve" Adams (Independent-Kentucky) Donald K. Allen (Independent-Ohio)Blake Ashby (Independent-Missouri) Terry "Tee" Barkdull (New American Party-Nevada) John Taylor Bowles (NSM/American Nazi Party-South Carolina)Clark B. Braxton (Independent-California) Richard H. Clark (Independent-Maryland) Don Cordell (Independent-California) Claire Cruise (Independent-Georgia) Orion Karl Daley (Balanced Party-New York) Michael David Elder (Independent-Texas) Cris Ericson (Marijuana Party-Vermont)Quay Fortuna (Ward Republic Party-Iowa) Mark B. Graham (Independent-Florida) Pete Grasso (Independent-Virginia) Jon Greenspon (Independent-California) Jack Grimes (United Fascist Union-Pennsylvania) Bob W. Hargis (Independent-Oklahoma) William "Bill" Ingram (Independent-North Carolina) Paul Jensen (Independent American-Michigan) Arnold M. Jones (Independent American-Utah) Steve Kissing (Independent-Ohio) David Koch (Independent-Utah) Brad Lord-Leutwyler (Indpendent-Nevada) Joe Martyniuk (Independent-Illinois) David Masters (Independent-North Carolina) Charles Maxham (Give Me Back America Party-New Jersey) James McCall (Independent-Ohio)Frank McEnulty (Independent-California) Phillip W. Morrow (Independent-Texas) Ralph Nader (Independent-Connecticut) Jeff "Petro" Petkevicius (Independent-Louisiana) Arthur J. Regan (Independent-Massachusetts)Gary Rostad (Independent-California) "Average Joe" Schriner (Independent-Ohio) Jonathon “The Impaler” Sharkey (Vampire, Witches & Pagan Party-New Jersey) Charles Symonds (Independent-California) Ben Thompson (Independent-Minnesota)Michael "Mic" Tienken (Independent-Minnesota) Lanakila Washington (Humanist Party-New York) Lisa Weltman (Independent-Michigan) Carl Whitaker (Independent-Tennessee) Ruth Bryant White (Independent-Nevada)Rick Williams (Independent-Tennessee)Kelcey Wilson (Independent-California) Frank Zilaitis (Independent-Florida)

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