How the 2008 Presidential Election process takes place - Primaries and Caucuses, Results

Many friends and family are confused as to exactly how candidates are selected for party nomination, and how they end up representing a major political party in the general election. Well, let me break it down for you in simple terms.

The process kicks off (for the two major political parties in the US) with candidates battling for their parties nomination by competing in each state's primary election or caucus. After a nominee is selected, they move on to the general election, where our President is chosen.

Let us start with dates for caucuses and primaries:

Here is a slick calender - that details state by state primaries and caucuses

Find another similar handy PDF here

Next, if you haven't registered to vote do so
Here it is. with the State by state voter registration guide.

Then, let us proceed to what you really came for, more info on the primary election and caucus process.

Here is info on the general election process.

The following are two places tracking the Caucus and Primaries results.
This is the best one from CNN. Just scroll down, and to the left is a map of the US where you can select the state.

Here is another place that tracks results of the primaries and caucuses. Nothing has been published here yet.

In addition, here is Iowa for a live example of recent caucuses.

Here is the Iowa Caucus explained, as it is a bit different than all the rest of the caucuses.

Here is a Q&A on caucuses.

Here is Iowa caucus results

Wyoming Results too can be found HERE

I hope this helps.