Top 10 reasons why you shouldn't look to the Mainstream Media for your presidential candidate analysis

There are various reasons why you shouldn't look to the Mainstream Media (MSM) for your presidential candidate analysis - here are my top 10;

1. Their objectives are biased and not the same as your's and mine. Billionaires that own the television/radio companies have great influence over their coverage, and will force their choice on you and me, and smear or spin in a negative light -anyone they disagree with or that disagrees with them. And, this is their right.

2. Lesser known candidates will hardly have a chance to see the light of day, because nobody will advertise to small audiences. Major advertisers want major markets, not numerous different and immeasurable slices of audiences.

3. You become dependent on a few news sources, and rarely become engaged in discussion or critical thinking. If we have everyone else doing the analysis, how could we know that they are feeding us BS? Do you trust everything everyone says?

4. Quality journalism is scarce. Anymore, mainstream news is prepackaged, bottled, and shipped out over the airwaves, without any investigation - merely regurgitation and manipulation by each source.

5. They generalize and forcefully classify us into a few groups of their choosing. They make us conform to their needs.

6. Ignorance is not bliss for the rest of us. We must compensate for the damage the media does to the less knowledgeable folk by taking hours to explain the truth as we see it.

7. They focus on trivial, wedge issues, rather than the most important factors to our country’s prosperity and sovereignty.

8. They focus too much on polls that are based upon previous voters. Technology has changed, polling techniques have not. With less landlines and different demographics each election – polls are merely tiny indicators – not the bottom line they make them out to be.

9. They focus too much on personal lives, rather than what the candidate will do and how they stand on various issues. Of course, to a certain extent – personal lives could be relevant – if say, the candidate committed a crime – but most people don’t care what Mike Huckabee’s son did in boy scouts – I sure the hell don’t and I dislike the Huckster the same.

10. They focus on tiny abstract pieces, not the entire picture.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and please offer your reasons and explain these views to your friends and family – so “We the People” can become more informed and truly make the difference that the MSM has failed at.