Bob Barr enters the race on the Libertarian ticket, to challenge McCain and Paul

Well, Ron Paul took too long for the Libertarian party to wait, so enters former Republican Bob Barr into the presidential race. Watch out Ron Paul, you may actually lose some of your punch now and potential Manifesto book sales, seeing your followers and supporters still lack a candidate that will be nominated by a party. The fact is, Both Ron Paul and Bob Barr will negatively affect John McCain's bid in the general election. Even if they pull a measely 3-5% of the vote, the Libertarians or so-called paleo-conservatives with all of their individual responsibility jargon, could swing the popular vote - not that it makes a bit of a fucking difference. And for the record, Ron Paul, you are not a Republican anymore - the rest of your old team is dead, you are now dealing with a bunch of fucking retards that call themselves conservative, give it up - I thought you were gonna play the old bait and switch - but you are too goddam stupid.