Who is right regarding Iran and US military power, McCain or Obama, or neither?

The same old lines and supposed threats are being tossed around by the McCain fear camp. According to McCain, Obama's policy is reckless at best, dangerous at least. Iran wants to wipe Israel off the map, and Obama wants to talk to them.
So, let's examine this a bit closer; Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President of Iran, wants to wipe Israel off the map. McCain wants no contact or talks with Iran and Hamas and various other "terrorist" countries or groups. On the other hand, Obama wants to talk with them. Who is right? Well, McCain's statement at face value, seems much more logical - but is it really? Obama wants to talk with an insane leader of the Muslim world, he seems ape shit nuts - but is he really?

A brief background may provide value here my dear reader. The USA and Israel celebrated this past week the 60th anniversary of Israeli independence. All fine and dandy hey, 60 years of national soverignty. However, there is another side to the story - that of the Palestinians. Iran's leader does not want to eradicate or wipe Israel off the map in a literal sense, rather a figurative one. His point is the US and British prior militaries put up barriers on shared land and forcefully eradicated any non-Jewish group out of the land. Ahmadinejad wants to remove those barriers or wipe those barriers known as Israel away - so that the people who were originally displaced can have what was rightfully their's back. So, let me reiterate this, Iran wants to remove the barriers, to tear down the US and British built Ottoman empire state, not nuke the whole fucking place.

Now, is McCain ignoring what the US did back then? It sure seems that way to me. I do realize McCain was only 12 when Israel became a country, but he can't be that fucking naive. Now, if McCain were to say, Iran wants to tear down the Israeli borders, so that he can push Muslim values on the Jews, and it is our duty to protect them, I wouldn't have so much a problem - even though I would still disagree with McCain. I think Obama has balls to stand up against McCain, and try and break down the barriers that have resulted from our interjection into the Middle East over half a century ago. Now, what Obama will really be able to do to help the situation - I'm uncertain - and would probably argue there is little to nothing to do. My point is, McCain takes the Bully aproach and attempts to distort foreign powers as evil doers who want to blow everyone up, when that is most always not true, rather they simply want a piece of what was theirs to begin with. McCain, please stop fucking dumbing down our country to your level, you fucking asswipe. And for Obama, what the fuck do you think you are going to do to change an inevtiable outcome in the Middle East short of tearing down the borders that we helped build? Nothing, asshole - unless you propose differently.