Why is gas so goddam expensive, screw them Arabs.

I have grown accustomed to these ramblings of ignorant friends and co-workers of mine. Common fucking sense tells you if our federal government is spending trillions on a war that has now lasted (Iraq/Afghanistan) for more than 6 years, someone has to pay for it. Well, if our federal government is orchestrating this - who do you think funds it? I'll tell you who, the goddam idiotic American people through the devaluation of our American dollar. What? This doesn't make sense to you? Let me make it easier for you. The Saudi Arabians base the cost of what they sell us (oil) in American dollars, if the Dollar is unstable internationally as a result of uncontrollable deficit spending and national debt, our dollar will buy less everywhere else around the world. They charge more to offset the lower dollar.

Here, let me make this even easier to understand for all you stupid fucktards out there; Let's step back in to time - where people used to trade shit to one other. A guy named Fred trades milk from his cows to his neighbor Bob for his wheat, and Bob also trades with his neighbor Miles for Miles' corn. Fred's cows are all healthy, Bob's wheat is wonderful, and Miles' corn is delicous. Bob had a great idea, since one gallon of milk is equal to one bale of wheat and one ear of a corn - instead of having to trade physical products everytime they wanted something of the neighbors, he can just make a rare stamped item that would do the same thing, so when he needed more milk from Fred (but Fred needed no additional wheat) he could give him a coin as an I owe you. Now, they go on for a long while getting along just fine, until one miserable day. Bob and Miles' get into a bickering match over who's wife is better looking - then it gets mean and punches are thrown. Bob calls for reinforcements from friends around the neighborhood. Bob tells his friends he can give them his coins to use to buy products if they help him. His friends agree to help. Before long, Bob runs out of coins to pay his friends to help protect him and his property, so he go's back and makes a bunch more IOU's. Bob rounds up his pals and pays them more. The cycle continues until Fred and Miles realize that there is almost no way Bob's IOU's will ever be payed back in return. So, they decide to charge more and more because the IOU's are worth less and less in their eyes. Well, Fred and Miles are like Saudia Arabia and other foreign oil producing countries, they see our dollar as worthless because all we've done to pay for the fighting is print more dollars, thus devaluing everyone in existence. All they are doing is trying to get back out what is owed to them, while we (Bob/ our federal government) have become trapped in a viscous cycle of debt and an inability to repay.