Obama grew up less priviledged than rival, you must vote for him

Reuters just published a story about Obamas tough life growing up. I will say this, even though I am a registered Republican - Obama will most likely get my vote. But, on the other hand, I don't give a fuck what kind of life Obama had growing up as a kid when related to his opponents. Bottom line, my parents didn't have money either - and I still managed to go to school and get my education. Keep your stupid fucking sap story for Michelle, Obama - it will work better in the bedroom than with voters. Are you saying because some stupid fucking white women grew up in an affluent suburban metropolis - that you are less likely to overcome a challenge from her? Or compare yourself to McCain, one ugly assed dude with a messed up war face. Half the people in this country have no clue why that old crazy bastard has a chipmunk face - they just know he is an ugly bastard. My point here is, what hurts you more Obama - looks or how you grew up. There is no difference, you are all here now - personally I could give a shit less how you got here.