Debates are abundant, pointless

I certainly never thought this thing on the Democrats' side would take so long, neither did they I'm sure. However, it has, and they will deal with it. My point here is, what the hell do these numerous debates do for their own party? Nothing but destroy them. I'll admit here, as I have before - I am a Republican, not that I agree with the nominee elect (or our current president on anything foreign policy)... but you have to say the Republicans at least knew when enough was enough and how much dragging something out could hurt your own party (See Romney and Huckabee gracefully discontinuing their runs). Personally, at this point I hope a Dem wins because I am so apathetic to the current administration and their attempt to remain on the same path with McCain. But if they keep on this path of destroying each other - the idiot McCain will have an easy run. If only Ron Paul would have made a third party run - not that it would have made much of a difference. I think it's time for one of the two shmucks on the Democratic side to take a bow, for their own dignity and for their party they so love. Them goddam Dems hijacked the antiwar movement - but I would still rather have someone from their side in versus "100 year war" McCain asswipe.